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Ever wonder why we called the site Ladyboy 69? Well after you’ve finished watching this video, I’m sure it will make perfect sense. Our two functional Ladyboys, Ooi and Pah show off their talents with plenty of “sucking & fucking,” then complete the session by jerking themselves off for a well-timed double climax.
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Ok, so you all know that we only have the hottest trannys in the world, but its definitely worth mentioning that Alani is one of my favorites. She had one of the sexiest bodies ive ever seen, nice round ass bubble. big boobies and nice dick. This is an update that you dont want to miss.

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Jane is the perfect LB. So feminie & passable. She is very hot & attractive. I
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Laisa has a small fetish shop in downtown, it was just a normal day like all others until she spotted a student from a near by college trying to shoplift a small toy. She gave this guy 2 choices, have him arrested or let her handle his punishment. As you can see he didn't want the police involved, so Laisa handled the discipline herself the only way she knew how!
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oh how i will never forget these two. two blondes and a whole lot of fun. one of them has the real surprise and you just couldnt imagine how good it is. wow, some people are really talented

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It’s about time we had a “Sale” at LB-69. Always wanted to buy myself a discount Ladyboy. Not that our lovely Bangkok freelancer “Sale” is cheap or damaged goods. “Sale” struts her stuff, gets butt-naked and plays with her pork sword eventually dribbling out some jism. Thanks for cuming “Sale”!
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Amanda is one of my beach babes that i fuck on occasion... and i was really bored, so i figured why not hit it on camera for all of u guys to see.... So i rolld down ot the beach and lassoed that fine ass up!

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Normally I tend to be attracted to the Ladyboys who are more on the petite side. Although every now and then, I do think it would be fun to get it on with one of the amazons. Tina has an attractive face, I loved her eyes, which you gave a nice close up of, toward the end of the film. I also loved seeing her glance at the camera after shooting that wonderful load of cum. I really enjoyed her heavy breaths as she was bringing herself to orgasm. I was really working up a sexual appetite watching Tina, I really wanted to bite her balls. I thought the pink portion of her dick head that peaked through her foreskin looked adorable. That tremendous dick could tickle my tonsils anytime.
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Kalena was really out to tease us in this episode, she was so playful outside today. She showed us various ways to use a banana and other insane objects before she got her she got her dick to cum hard. Don't miss out on this doll!
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Chicks with dicks. The best of both worlds, and Paolla is part of that world. This ladyboy has and ass that will put most girls asses to shame. Any time sex in a pool takes place, then you know is sexy. The water definitely makes everything better, and hot. Paolla loves to splash around before she gets splashed in the face.

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Film is an ultra cute ladyboy in training quickly blossoming into a real woman. With her little hormone titties, braces and puppy dog eyes, it’s not hard to be mesmerised by this adorable sweetheart.
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I met marcila at the cafe last week, and she was lookin tight! :0 i loved how she was down for anything, and it showed!!! Just watch the videos and youll see...

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Alex is gorgeous, kissable, lovable.
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